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Central Air Conditioning Systems

Texas summers are notoriously hot. You need a high quality central air conditioning system to keep your family and business cool. Today’s systems are high efficiency systems which can actually save money on your power bills. Austin Air Conditioning offers a variety of models so that you get just the right central air conditioning system for your needs. We offer free estimates by our qualified professionals who listen to your needs and take you budget into consideration when they make their recommendations.

How is Central Air Different?

Unlike window units, central air gives you even cooling. With window units one room is usually hotter or colder than another room. With central air there are no hot or cold spots. The actual unit is located outside and the cool air runs through your existing duct work. We also install central air units in new builds with a complete system tailored to your needs. You receive a nice even cooling which keeps you comfortable, and makes central air systems economical.

Professional Installation, Service, and Maintenance

At Cool Cat AC we have dedicated professionals who have received extensive training in the HVAC area. This means they have the tools and know how to install your system correctly and repair it if needed. Be sure to call us if you notice anything wrong with your central air system. Many times a quick fix is all that is needed to get you back to comfort. If a more extensive repair is needed, you can be assured we have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

We also offer maintenance services to keep you system working at top notch. We recommend regular maintenance service to help keep your central air system running smoothly. Nothing is worse than an Austin area day and no air conditioning. By having a regular service schedule you can avoid costly repairs and discomfort.

Call us to learn more about our systems and services. Cross the bridge to better comfort and better service!