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Indoor Air Quality Products and Services in Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, and Surrounding Areas in Texas

Staying comfortable at home isn’t just about the temperature of the air. Air quality makes a huge impact on your quality of life. At Cool Cat AC & Heating, we know how to help you and your family breathe easier. Our indoor air quality products and services will make any home a cleaner and healthier place to live.

Our Indoor Air Quality Products

There are several types of IAQ systems available to help promote cleaner air and better health in your home. Some of the systems we install, repair and maintain include:

  • Air Cleaners: These systems are your direct attack on contaminants in your home. They remove those contaminants to leave your air fresher and cleaner.
  • Dehumidifiers: Maintaining a good humidity level is important for everyone, especially if you have a central air conditioner. In addition to improving indoor air quality, dehumidifiers help to prevent microbial growth in your home.
  • Ventilators: These systems work alongside your air conditioner or heat pump to replace stale indoor air with fresh, and clean outdoor air, improving energy efficiency in the process.
Indoor AIr Quality

Benefits of Better Indoor Air Quality

It’s easy to think of indoor air quality as a concern only for people with asthma and allergies, and it’s definitely important for those who already have trouble breathing. However, improved air quality has been linked to health benefits for every member of your household, including better sleep, higher energy levels and fewer headaches. Research has shown that even pets benefit from better air quality.

In addition to those health benefits, improving indoor air quality has significant implications for your other HVAC systems. The cleaner the air in your home, the easier it is for your air conditioner or heat pump to maintain a comfortable temperature. The upshot is lower utility bills and less wear and tear on your system.

Schedule an Indoor Air Quality Inspection

Improving the quality of air in your home is an important investment in your family’s health and quality of life. The first step is to schedule an indoor air quality inspection. The next is to let our technical advisors recommend the right IAQ products for your home and install them up to the manufacturer’s specifications.

If you’re ready to start breathing easier, we can help. Feel free to speak with one of our customer service professionals and learn more about what our indoor air quality products and services can do for your home in these or the surrounding areas in Texas:

Is your indoor air quality making you feel sick? Contact Cool Cat today.