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AC and Heating Services You Can Trust, Since 2005!

coolantsCool Cat AC and Heating specializes in residential and some commercial HVAC servicing and installation. We can service/repair/install/inspect all makes and models of AC and Heating units. Our Technicians are qualified and certified. Our staff is prompt and knowledgeable! In addition to our services listed below we also offer a $89 annual maintenance/inspection on all A/C & Heating units which include a 10 point checklist.


  • Service
  • Repair
  • Install
  • Inspection

10 Point Heating and Cooling Checklist

  1. Compressor Check (suction, head, volts, Electrical Connections, Oil Levels)
  2. Condenser Coil (Clean Coil & Check Fan)
  3. Refrigerant (Leak and Charge)
  4. Fan and Motor (Volts, Electrical Connections, Contacts, Fan Pulleys, Lub Bearings and Motor)
  5. Evaporator Coil (Clean Coil and Check Fan)
  6. Condensate Areas (Inspect & Clean Drain Pan)
  7. Air Filters (Clean or Replace)
  8. Heating Assembly (Burner & Heat Exchanger, Fuel Supply/Pressure, Pilot Assembly, Flame Adjustment, Primary Relay and Flue, Fan and Limit Switch, Blower Assembly, RV Valve, Strip Heat, Defrost Cycle.
  9. Electrical Comp
  10. Thermostat

Competitive Pricing

At Cool Cat A/C, Heating & Remodeling, We believe in match or beat pricing. What this means is, we will match or beat any written estimate or quote. Apples to apples!