The Biggest Benefits of Beefing Up Your Attic Insulation

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Blog

Everyone knows that insulation is important throughout a home, but attic insulation is often overlooked. The fact is that insulating your attic offers a number of important benefits. That’s especially true in a place that’s as hot and unpredictable as Kyle, Texas. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons it’s worth beefing up your attic insulation:

Improved Comfort

It’s not always easy to stay comfortable in Kyle, Texas. Summers are scorching hot and winters can feel downright chilly. Improving your attic insulation can help your home weather these temperature changes. You may be surprised by how much hot and cool air can enter your home through an inadequately insulated attic. Installing better insulation provides a stronger barrier to keep the elements outside where they belong.

Greater Moisture Control

It’s not just hot and cold air that enters your home through the attic. A lack of insulation may also allow moisture and humidity to stream in unimpeded.

Excessive moisture and humidity can wreak havoc, potentially leading to water damage, microbial growth and other issues. Improving your attic insulation creates a protective layer that’s virtually impervious to troublesome moisture.

Savings on Utility Bills

In addition to improving your comfort, keeping the elements outside also eases the burden on your HVAC system. Allowing less heat, cold, and moisture into your home means there’s less need for heating and cooling. A well-insulated attic also keeps more of your conditioned air inside your living space. All of this adds up to real savings on your utility bills. In fact, adding attic insulation often pays for itself within just a few years.

Your attic plays an important and underappreciated role in your home. Keeping it well-insulated is one of the best ways to improve comfort, protect your home and slash energy costs. It’s also a sensible investment that often pays for itself. With that in mind, it’s clear that beefing up your attic insulation is always worth consideration. Contact Cool Cat AC & Heating at (512) 775-2591to learn more how to prevent energy waste and save more money.