Breathe Cleaner Air in Your Home With These 3 IAQ Solutions

by | May 9, 2020 | Blog

Many homes in Kyle, TX, fall short when it comes to indoor air quality. Most people spend a lot of time at home, and breathing in dirty air could put your health and comfort at risk. Fortunately, there are effective products designed to cleanse the indoor air. You can breathe cleaner air in your home with these three affordable IAQ solutions:

Install a Whole-House Fan

If your home doesn’t have enough ventilation, a whole-house fan is a good choice. It pulls air out of your attic, which helps remove heat and dust. Whole-house fans help your home feel cooler, too. There are solar-powered, passive and active whole-house fans, and they all bring in fresh air and remove stale, hot air.

Invest in an Air Purifier

Consider investing in an air purifier. There are several types, and they all remove bacteria, viruses, pollen and other airborne contaminants. Some air purifiers also eliminate odors from your home. If you’re concerned about illnesses, choose an air purifier that uses UV-C energy for inactivating germs. Pair the air purifier with a high-efficiency particulate air filter in your HVAC system and vacuum for cleaner air.

Use a Whole-house Dehumidifier

Finally, spring and autumn in Kyle are usually warm and humid. High indoor humidity causes microbial growth to thrive in your home. When the microbial grows, it releases spores. Many people are allergic to them. High indoor humidity also makes you feel uncomfortable, and it can damage your wood furniture and floors. A whole-house dehumidifier works with your central air conditioning for optimal humidity control.

These IAQ solutions reduce pollutants that affect your home’s comfort and your well-being. Your HVAC system and exhaust fans also play vital roles in your home’s indoor air quality, as they bring in fresh air and help with humidity and odor control. To learn more about indoor air quality solutions and how they help you breathe cleaner air, contact Cool Cat AC & Heating.

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