What’s a Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC System?

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Blog

It’s important to understand how variable refrigerant flow (VRF) works to determine if it’s an ideal choice for your next HVAC project. It’s only been in use for two decades in the US and is more common in other countries. There are a few things to understand so you can determine if it’s an HVAC system worth investing in for your Buda, TX, property.

More Energy-Efficient

VRF is increasing in popularity because its energy efficiency can allow you to get a return on your investment. It’s a large-scale, ductless HVAC system with a higher capacity than most HVAC systems. It can allow multiple zones and indoor units to use the same HVAC system.

VRF Offers Both Cooling and Heating

One of the main benefits of VRF systems is that they offer both heating and cooling to buildings, making it easy for you to feel more comfortable at home. The interior setting doesn’t have to be the same temperature to ensure it can accommodate more people and their personal preferences. You can also use it with other types of applications in a single-family home or a larger building.

The Units are Smaller

The small size of VRF units contribute to its appeal because they can fit into smaller spaces without having to knock down walls or perform any minor construction. It can be an ideal option for historic buildings where you may not want to alter any of the original structure of the property. It’s much less of a headache than having to tear into walls to install a larger system.

By understanding the benefits of VRF systems, you can decide if it’s the right solution for your needs. Call us at Cool Cat AC & Heating to schedule an appointment for one of our service technicians to install a VRF system in your home or office in Buda, TX.

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