What Does a UV Light Do for Your HVAC System?

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Blog

UV lights are germicidal devices that kill contaminants before they get in the air. They can be beneficial when it comes to keeping your indoor air clean and germ-free. Read on to learn more about what a UV light can do for your HVAC system in Kyle, TX.

How They Work

UV lights kill bacteria and other unwanted life forms. They remove organic growth and other contaminants that vents and filters struggle with. With regular maintenance, your filters and vents will fight against unwanted particulates. But in conjunction with UV lights, you’re promised a more efficient air cleansing system.

The UV light installer places the device near HVAC coils to prevent the growth of bacterial organisms. Once exposed to UV light, organisms can no longer produce proteins. This reduces the ability to cause harm and shortens their lifespan.

Why Have UV Lighting in Your HVAC System?

The lights will be particularly effective in areas like Kyle, TX. In humid climates, evaporator coils are at greater risk of getting wet. UV light eliminates the development of unwanted particulates that build in that situation. The solution destroys disease-irritating microbes, especially ones harmful to anyone with respiratory issues or weak immune systems.

Exposure to Contaminants

Exposure to contaminants impacts long-term health. The EPA stresses the importance of controlling pollutants indoors to minimize the risk of health. Effects can be experienced soon or years later.

You still need highly efficient filters and vents to combat common allergens. Your ductwork also has to be stellar as defects can draw contaminants. You don’t want crawl spaces and attics letting in unwanted microorganisms that never make contact with UV light.

A professional service technician should install a germicidal light in your HVAC system. There are optimum conditions to set up that only a certified professional should handle. Pick up the phone today and let Cool Cat AC & Heating eliminate this threat with UV lighting.

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