Top 3 Things to Know Before Upgrading Your HVAC System in Kyle, TX

by | Aug 10, 2020 | Blog

You’ve repaired your HVAC system too many times and you’re fed up. It’s time for a new system for your Kyle, TX, home. But buying a new system isn’t as simple as one-size-fits-all approach. Here are three things to know before you make the large investment in a new HVAC system:

Size Matters

Having a correctly sized HVAC system for your house is critical to proper functioning. If your system is too big, it’ll cycle on and off very often, wasting energy and causing wear and tear. But if your system is too small, it’ll run constantly without getting your house comfortable.

In the past, determining the right size system to install was a rough calculation based on the size of your home, leading to many inaccuracies. Today, HVAC professionals can measure what size system you’ll need much more accurately, taking into account your home’s size, insulation, draftiness and solar exposure.

Your Budget Determines Your System’s Efficiency

After figuring out what size system is right for you, you must determine how much money you want to spend upfront. A bigger budget can buy more efficient systems, many of which also include variable-speed fans that make sure your home is always exactly the right temperature. That larger upfront investment will also pay dividends each month that your system is running, as it’ll use less power than a cheaper, less efficient system. Balancing budget and the highest efficiency rating is key.

Not All HVAC Contractors Are Equal

As important as the system you choose is, who you choose to install it is even more vital. For HVAC contractors, being licensed, bonded and insured is the bare minimum. You should look for a contractor who is also NATE-certified. As a result, you’ll feel confident knowing that they have the skills to reliably install your system.

All our technical advisors are NATE-certified. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that when we install your new air conditioner, we do it right. If it’s time to upgrade your system, call Cool Cat AC & Heating today.

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