Homeowners in Kyle, Texas, Should Consider a Heat Pump Installation

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Blog

If you’re ready for a new climate control system, a heat pump could be the right choice for your Kyle, Texas, home. These units work much like an air conditioner, efficiently cooling your home by removing heat from the air inside the house and transferring it outside. During winter, the process reverses. The heat pump captures warmth from the air outdoors and moves it inside. A heat pump installation can bring your home more efficient heating and cooling in a single unit.

Solve Humidity Problems

In Kyle, Texas, one big benefit to choosing a heat pump is the superior humidity control. A rainy summer day with outside temperatures in the 80s can leave homes cooled by a central air conditioner feeling muggy. A heat pump does a better job of pulling that excess moisture out of the air to create a more comfortable environment.

Save Energy All Year

The best heat pumps reach up to 20 SEER. In winter, today’s heat pumps use approximately 40 to 50 percent less power than other electric resistance heating options. This could bring big savings on your winter electric bills.

Take Advantage of Mild Winters

Heat pumps effectively pull warmth from the air until the outside temperature drops below freezing when you’ll require pricier supplemental heat. Thankfully, that isn’t a big concern in Kyle. January and December are the months most likely to have a few days below freezing. But cold snaps in Central Texas usually pass quickly and snow rarely falls. That makes a heat pump installation a highly efficient option in this region.

It’s time to consider the benefits of a high-efficiency heat pump for your home in Kyle, Texas. Your HVAC technical advisor will help you calculate the benefits of going with a heat pump installation. Start saving money every month with a new heat pump. Contact Cool Cat AC & Heating at (512) 775-2591 to schedule your new heat pump installation today.